North Wales

North Wales

North Wales is steeped in Welsh culture. It’s a region that shares a passion for the Welsh language, music and history, offering magnificent well-preserved castles, sandy beaches, idyllic villages to wander through, rugged terrain and inspiring vistas. The scenery in North Wales is among the best in Britain; mountains, lakes and waterfalls create breath-taking serenity. In Snowdonia National Park, with it’s wild landscapes and villages steeped in history, Snowdonia National Park is a breath taking destination . It’s best known for hiking, but there’s plenty more to enjoy, from waterfalls, lakes and  a vintage steam railway that climbs the highest peak in Wales. Mount Snowden is the tallest mountain in Wales and taller than any mountain in England.                                                                                                                                                                                           Llandudno is still   a big favourite with everyone, with its immaculate seafront, gracefully framed by two headlands Who could possibly argue with that while strolling along Llandudno’s elegant promenade past pastel-coloured hotels and impeccably authentic seafront architecture just like Victorians did? All that’s needed to complete the picture is a frilly parasol (for the ladies) and straw boater (for the gentlemen).Llandudno’s appearance is down to the fact that, unlike most other resorts, it has remained largely unchanged for over a century   The  canopied shopping streets just behind the prom with all the high street shops mixed in with local shops and cafes.  put simply, the undisputed ‘Queen’ of the Welsh resorts retains its period dignity

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