Quite what makes Weymouth so special is sometimes best captured in the experiences of those that have visited its friendly shores. Visit Weymouth once and you will want to return again and again. There’s something special about this Dorset seaside town and historic Weymouth harbour. It somehow gets into your blood and fuels your desire to explore its Jurassic coastline and historic sites. With beautiful scenery and plenty to keep you busy, there’s certainly something for everyone. Weymouth beach is consistently recognised as one of the top ten UK beach destinations and safest bathing areas in Europe. Situated at the entrance to Weymouth Harbour is the bold Nothe Fort. With complex underground passages it serves as a timely reminder of a period when Britain was repelling attacks by forces keen to invade her shores from the ocean. Whatever you choose to do, do it in style and do it with gusto each time you visit is beautiful part of England. .

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